Eastern Red Bats: The First Encounter

Some high winds caused us to close the doggy door to keep some semblance of AC function in the heat. Unfortunately, the side effect of this was having to take the dogs out. Our old wooly collie waddled out by the big tree and was immediately attacked by Pais the young pup (pictured below). Her immediate response was to sit down. On a bat.

IMG_3255 - Copy

Suddenly spry, the collie leapt up when she felt it under her and turned a 180 that would have Tony Hawk jealous. I giggled until I saw the poor guy underneath her trying to figure out what was going on.

IMG_3815 - Copy

About this time, Pais and the terrier took notice, so I thought it prudent to put the dogs inside and pull out the camera (I have never been known for my common sense).

IMG_3823 - Copy

We put the bat in a box until we could figure out what he was doing in the front yard. Meanwhile, the Other Half called surrounding vets and tried to pry information from them. We got the standard ‘we don’t deal with infestations’ and ‘we don’t treat exotics,’ with the added bonus that no one had the phone number of a game warden or someone with actual information.

When we got hold of someone at the Wildlife Department half an hour later, we were told to put the bat up in the tree and that he had probably fallen out of his hidey hole because of the wind. By this time, we already had found out the species, gender, approximate age, and diet of our find (being an eastern red adult male who likes all the things that hang out in our yard) using a useful key found here and some searching. Basically, if it’s red or frosty-red and has a haired, attached tail, it’s probably this little guy.

IMG_3831 - Copy

We were so excited that we trotted my father straight out to where our catch was hanging on the tree as soon as he got home. At which point he said it must be some small species of opossum (which was met by giggles all around). And then asked if it was related to the four on the other side of the tree (which was met by stares all around). By this time, I did not feel so smart and excited anymore; I had been one-upped by my dad.

IMG_3837 - Copy

See! The rare bat-possum!

At least we found our little guy’s harem of pretty girls. We didn’t get to see them fly off, but we had an awesome batscapade.

img3 - Copyimg - Copy

Please know that you should not mess with bats unless you are qualified to do so. For more information, contact your local veterinarian or wildlife department.


3 responses to “Eastern Red Bats: The First Encounter

  1. It was, just as she said, we were happy they all flew off and were on to their own batscapades of their own!!

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