Why Fishing Is Fun: A Survey of Local Fish Part 1

Not every adventure has to do with bats, mind you. The other half and I like to go fishing at the city lake whenever the opportunity presents itself (read: every day of finals week). This has led to some rather interesting adventures. But first: the normal fish you would expect to find in a lake.

DSCN2009 copy

Largemouth Bass, the stereotypical angler’s dream, can be found here. We have a rule, however: the bait must be bigger than its mouth. Unfortunately, most fish don’t listen to this. We punish them by not taking their pictures and tossing them back.

DSCN2021 copy

Ginormous smallmouths can also be found here, though they’re a handful to bring in on a 4 foot crappie rod.

And now, for the million dollar prize, please identify this fish:

IMG_1286 copy

Did you say pumpkin fish? Bluegill? Fat things that like to snap up your bait but you feel obligated to release because you don’t eat them? If you didn’t, I recommend some immediate fishing therapy. The spot we fish at has at least four of these fish because we’ve only taken pictures of four and I swear they come back and bite the bait as soon as we let them loose. If you see these fish near you, please be warned that they will eat anything you put in front of them. Especially sinkers.

DSCN2026 copyIMG_0958 copy

Update: I was doing some categorizing earlier and actually realized that this fish is not a bluegill. It is, in fact, a redear sunfish because it doesn’t have the black spot on the dorsal fin and has a red margin on its gill spot. Fun stuff!

DSCN2004 copy


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