Why Fishing Is Fun: A Survey of Local Fish Part 2

Since you know what we normally catch now, here’s a look at some of the random fish catches we’ve had.

For instance, this fish:

DSCN1999 copy

I was out in the early morning trying to see what I could get. This dude ate the hook. And by ate, I mean he was definitely not planning on giving it back unless it rusted out. I always learned that drum are bony fish, so I was prepared to be gored by death spines and lots of teeth when I pulled this one up. I had never seen one this large and thought it was a carp for a while. He is by far the heaviest fish I’ve pulled in at the lake, though I think that’s because he wasn’t smart enough to break the line on me like the others.

IMG_2365 copy

What I was actually trying to catch that morning was one of these: saugeye. A cross between sauger and walleye, they have teeth and are meant to keep the populations of crappie under control. Unfortunately, this one was 17.75 inches and had to be 18 inches to keep. I’m not even kidding. However, there’s a big school of them that like to keep the bluegill population down to an apparent four, so I’m not complaining.

IMG_0952 copy

I may make many jokes about bluegills, but this guy is far more aggressive than they are. He is actually one of two fish that I could actually *see* come back after the bait after I put it back in the water. This fish is known as a warmouth perch, and they are extremely beautiful.

IMG_0943 copy

Unfortunately, unlike me, the other half does not like to go fishing. He likes to go clamming. While I’ll be reeling in crappie every cast, he’ll be giggling maniacally and hauling in sticks, turtles, and mussels.

IMG_1293 copy

Like good fishermen, though, if we don’t plan on eating it, we let it go. Except croaking channel cats that poke their spines through your hand. Those come home for fish fries.


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