Strange Friends

Fishing can make some interesting friends like this one, a great blue heron.

IMG_0654 copy

Over the course of about two weeks, when we went fishing he would come over and hunt near us. I’m not sure whether that was a good omen or it meant we were scaring all the fish away toward him.

IMG_0644 copyIMG_0956 copy

Unfortunately, while he was fishing one day, we were buzzed by one of these guys:

IMG_0927 copyIMG_0935 copy

Double breasted cormorants are pretty aggressive, and the last look we got at our buddy the heron was decidedly unhappy.

IMG_0925 copy

He flew off, and that’s the last we saw of him or the cormorant.

UPDATE: Due to some information in a very useful guide from Rice, I think our cormorant is actually a neotropic cormorant.


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