Flycatchers, Geese, and Birds, Oh My!

Some of the other flying things hiding around our area include a selection of these birds:


Mockingbirds like our little buddy nest next to our home, where they like to follow us around to see if we’ll leave the blueberries unattended for 5 seconds so they can eat them. Brown-headed cowbirds are a bit more shy of us. I’m sure it has nothing to do with witnessing us chase the geese around.



Some of our feathered friends like the dark-eyed juncos only show up during the winter when they’re desperate for food. I remember what winter feels like, but it’s hard to bring back memories of when it was cooler than 90 degrees.


Other birds like the cardinals show up pretty much all the time, but they get closer to you when it’s cold. Or when you have food.

Red-winged blackbirds are all over the place at the local lake. I love these birds, mostly because my mom used to dislike them. When we went camping as kids, there was a particular male that would sit outside of our tent and make a noise that sounded like a choking donkey every morning at sunrise. For some reason, mom didn’t appreciate this.

img_0279-copy img_0260-copy

We also have a thriving population of scissor-tailed flycatchers that live in two large flocks on opposite ends of the lake.


Some of the other fun birds to play with at the lake include the ducks. Most of them are mallards usually, including this one we have dubbed Winter McDuck because of his white plumage.


We went birding with the local ornithology class this last winter and saw some pretty cool stuff, like this American coot sliding across the ice:


We have also been missing out on what seems like a thriving ice-fishing economy. This ring-necked gull was pulling out crappie from a hole and trying to eat them without attracting the attention of his buddies.


Because of the terrible cold this winter, we also had some other visitors, a flock of white-fronted geese. They are usually a polar species that migrates to Texas every year, but we’d never seen them stop by the lake before.


Unfortunately, I don’t get pictures of all the awesome birds we find. I do, however, get reactionary shots from the other birds. For some reason, hawks make geese nervous. I’m sure I don’t know why…





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