On Monuments, Parks, and Laughter

One of the goals of the other half and me is to visit all of the US national monuments and national parks. Somehow the Marianas Trench is one of these. Of course, some of our other goals include visiting every continent, and if you know me, that’s not going to happen because Antarctica is just too cold.

Our other life goals include visiting some of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites (since there’s no way we’re going to reach all 936 of them), visiting the Galapagos Islands (which is on the agenda after we graduate as our graduation present/late honeymoon), visiting Madagascar, and in general making life at least moderately happier for those around us.

I’m sure we can accomplish that last one even if the others prove to be too much. To accomplish this, we have a checklist we do every day. If you haven’t done the checklist, you can’t go to sleep.

1. Make someone smile today.

2. Make someone laugh today.

3. Make sure you yourself have smiled and laughed at least once today.

4. Feel like you have personally accomplished something today.

5. Resolve your issues before you go to bed so you can sleep and wake up happy.

To be honest, I’m far more likely to leave the last one undone, but the other half always makes sure it does. Even though the whole list thing seems dorky or abstract, it does make every day worth living. And if the only thing I’ve personally accomplished is mopping the kitchen or getting the Xbox 360 achievement for killing 1,000 orcs today, it’s something I know I can be happy about.


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