National Park 2: Grand Canyon

Of course, the big thing to see when you think Arizona is the Grand Canyon.

Looming above the Colorado River, it is one of the most majestic, awe-inspiring sights I’ve ever seen. Also, there’s the feeling of vertigo you get when you look a mile down an almost sheer rock face, but let’s not get into that…

See that little tiny red box in the photo above? That is two people walking down the slope on the mule trail. Okay, so I brought up the vertigo.

The landscapes are extensive and beautiful. Even with my (lack of) photographic skill, the depth of the landscape is (hopefully) evident.

We camped on the south rim for 2 nights. Even in the summer, the nights got down to 2C, so we had to keep a space heater in the tent. We hiked about a third of the way down the mule trail and wandered up and down the rim exploring.

If you’re lucky, you get there in high summer when the prickly pears and wildflowers are blooming. We saw lots of flowers and plants while we were walking the trails.

We’re not going to mention how far out into the canyon I climbed to get a picture of a cactus, but suffice it to say it was far enough.

I did not, however, climb down into the canyon to get a picture of a dead tree.¬†I’m just not that desperate yet, even if I like twisty trees.

The Watchtower on the south rim is also cool to look out of if you want perspective.

Right next door are some benches where the rangers give sunset talks about Grand Canyon stories and places to look for cool things. Added bonus: really bright sunsets with deep colors.

We unfortunately didn’t get to see any wild condors. We did, however, get to see lots of other, less rare¬†wildlife, but that’s a story for another day…


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