Grand Canyon Wildlife

So, it is after all another day, which means you get pictures of some fauna!

While we were walking by the mule barns, this elk came up and started playing in the water that was spraying out of a hole in one of the hoses.

He was dancing, throwing his head into the water and then drinking from the trough.

The long ears didn’t seem to mind his play, though they didn’t seem to mind us, either. Not that we were playing in the sprinkler or anything.

On that note, please excuse the poor quality of this photo, but it’s hard to take a picture out of a moving vehicle. Please note, I was not driving. I’m not that bad; I will stop the car to take a picture. My mother, however, won’t.

Right after we saw this little mule deer buck, we saw this guy: a Rocky Mountain morph of the Stellar’s Jay.

He wasn’t much for us taking pictures of him, but he was totally okay with us staring at him goggle-eyed trying to figure out what he was. I guess he thought we had food for him or something, because he obliged by coming closer.

We also got to see some robins, though it was a unique sight. This mother was hiding in some scrub and feeding her chick pieces of an apple core.

We also got to see a lot of lizards like this striped plateau lizard. My brother named her Henrietta.

Henrietta didn’t seem to like the attention, though.

She probably didn’t like us because she was busy trying to ignore Henry (also named by the brother), who was doing push-ups on the rock next to her.

Henry was not a plateau lizard, though, so he was probably not trying to make friends. He was, however, a southwestern fence lizard, or Cowles prairie lizard. And it only took me 20 minutes of comparing the two species to figure out that the scientific name of the two species  (Sceloporus undulatus cowlesi) was the same.

We saw lots more like Henry, including Henry II and Henry VIII (above). No words on the others in between…

All in all, it was pretty cool to see most of the wildlife, though hiking into the canyon itself was probably the best experience of all. But you didn’t hear me say that.


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