Adventures at the Oklahoma Aquarium

The other half and I like to visit all manner of places in search of adventure. This includes aquariums in addition to zoos, parks, and our own backyards. On one of our recent trips to Tulsa, we decided to drop by the Oklahoma Aquarium in Jenks.

It’s a small aquarium that can be explored in only a few hours, but it’s a very interesting walk.

Not all of the animals are very unique, like the little red-eared slider above, but they do have some interesting variants. For example, they keep an albino slider in with the normals!

With a focus on children and families, there are several tanks full of starfish like this leather star. They’re arranged so that little kids get a better experience (lower windows, easy-to-read signs, linear layout, and clustered groups of similar animals).

They also keep a touch pool with shrimps and horseshoe crabs for people to feel. The look on the other half’s face the first time he touched a crab was priceless. He went from ‘Meh’ to ‘Look, I touched it!’ in a half second flat.

Some of the more interesting creatures were the axolotls, which are a type of salamander used in research on regenerative abilities. They’re also really cool to watch walk around their enclosure. If I didn’t like geckos and turtles so much, I’d definitely make room in our household for one of these.

The moray eels were pretty exciting while we were there, too. They were swimming between the anemones and through the pipes in their aquarium rather restlessly.

Care to guess why all the excitement? By now, you should have guessed that we always get there when animals are eating. It’s a talent.

Not only were they feeding the jellyfish, but also the cuttlefish and the otters.

Mm, Shrimp on a stick!

…And it was gone in about three seconds. About the average time it takes me to find freshly-baked cookies and make them disappear.

I won’t , however, eat raw chicken in three seconds. I’d rather wait the half hour for it to cook first.

I’m sure this guy would take our raw chicken from us in a heartbeat, but unfortunately it wasn’t this caiman’s turn to get fed yet.They were also feeding the regular fish, but we get that experience every day, so it wasn’t as fun to take pictures of.

Is it Sea World? No. Is it the closest thing that we have with a giant tank full of bull sharks? Yes! And if I could take a picture of a shark in an unlighted, reflected tunnel, this post probably would have been only about bull sharks and salamanders. Instead, you got to read about the other interesting (and now sated) animals they have.


2 responses to “Adventures at the Oklahoma Aquarium

  1. Thanks to modern technology, air swimmers sharks that looks so real now float amongst us using remote control technology. They’re out of the water and swimming on air. Enough to give oldies a shock!

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