Birding the Net Locations

Ok, I’ve noticed a lot of people finding this blog for Birding the Net. And because I’m such a nice person and want at least somebody to win the prize, I’m going to try to list some/all of the sites where you can find each of the birds that I’ve gotten so far. So far as I can find, there’s no rule against this. If there is, well, it’s mob rule. So there. In which case the other half will mob me and probably delete all these wonderful freebies. Also, the Audubon Society hasn’t gotten back to me to say no, so omission is as good as admission. Please note, I will follow the rules should they change while I’m not paying attention.

If you find a bird that I haven’t gotten, give yourself a pat on the back and please by all means return the favor to someone. Also, I realize this is long. It’s just going to get longer, so play nice and practice your skimming.

1. Florida Scrub Jay
If you don’t have this and you are still playing, you’re doing it wrong.

2. Rufous Hummingbird
If you don’t have this bird, visit like I told you to earlier and quit whining. Or, if you have no patience (What? Birders with no patience? What is this, a contest with prizes?), find it at with it’s buddies holding a cocktail party.

3. Northern Cardinal
The clues:
Rufous Hummingbird– Clearly I’m a fan of plumage. But some birds go too far. Like that Northern Cardinal show-off on a popular ‘rocky’ site.

Rufous Hummingbird– The Northern Cardinal has been spotted again on, and he’s flying right today from the looks of things.

Rufous Hummingbird– Go @Cardinals! Does have a sports section?

Scrub Jay– Roses are red, and Cardinals too! The Northern Cardinal is back on, just the way he should be.

Scrub Jay– I had no idea Northern Cardinal was such a smarty pants! I’ll ask what he’s been reading on next time I spot him.

Scrub Jay– You guys!Today’s the last day to catch the Northern Cardinal Go read up on some stuff and snag a bird.

Scrub Jay– Fresh from a World Series victory, the Northern Cardinal is back! He’ll be gracing us with his winning presence soon.

The goods:
The ‘rocky’ site is actually You can find him at the top of the sports page. Also, Rangers rule ’til the end of time. So there.

4. Lewis Woodpecker
The clues:
Scrub Jay– Let’s start out easy, shall we? Where might you find Lewis’s Woodpecker? Well, the one spot you can find ALL us birds!

Rufous Hummingbird– Lewis’s Woodpecker is likely pecking away on as we speak. Lewis. A much more dignified name than Woody. Totes.

The goods:
You should also have this bird if you followed directions earlier. Go to and look at the top left of the page. So, you weren’t good with directions, eh? Find this bird at with it’s buddies holding a cocktail party.

5. California Gnatcatcher
This one is a blog bird and can be found at the following known locations:

6. Prothonotary Warbler
This one is a blog bird and can be found at the following known locations:

7. Scarlet Tanager
This one is a blog bird and can be found at the following known locations:

8. Cerulean Warbler
This one is a blog bird and can be found at the following known locations:

9. Lawrence’s Goldfinch
This one is a blog bird and can be found at the following known locations:

10. Yellow-headed Blackbird
This one is a blog bird and can be found at the following known locations:

11. Wrentit
This one is a blog bird and can be found at the following known locations:

12. Harris’s Sparrow
This one is a blog bird and can be found at the following known locations:

13. Spotted Owl
The clues:
Rufous Hummingbird– Birding: not a pastime for the impulsive. Keep looking and you’ll find bird you’ve been waiting for.

Scrub Jay– I met him once, you know. Spotted Owl. Okay, I’ll admit, I was a little starstruck! I hear he’s really into sports now.

Scrub Jay– Patience is a virtue, blah, blah, blah. Now, not being the most patient bird, I don’t like to admit this, but it’s true.

Scrub Jay– I’m not sure who’s going, but I hear that squirrel up at is having a few birds for a visit.

Scrub Jay– I met him once, you know. Spotted Owl. Okay, I’ll admit, I was a little starstruck! I hear he’s really into sports now.

Scrub Jay– OMG! I just spotted Spotted Owl! On,, and Sigh…He’s so dreamy. I’m a lucky bird.

Scrub Jay– Birds and sports. What? It works. See for yourself at

The goods:
Hopefully you are a glutton for punishment as of now. You’ll need to oil up the F5 button on your keyboard, because this one is a rotating ad found on several websites. (Please note, it’s probably not there anymore. I guess the answer for an old dog is to replace it with a new one. Please don’t do this to your dog. It’s mean.)

14. Acorn Woodpecker
The clues:
Rufous Hummingbird– That’s a heckuva place for an Acorn Woodpecker. Isn’t that where they keep the lions?

Rufous Hummingbird— He’s a shy one, the Acorn Woodpecker. But he’s there, on It’ll take some looking, but you can find him.

Scrub Jay– You might find an Acorn Woodpecker on Animal Planet. But prob not American Chopper.

The goods:
By now, your finger should be bandaged from hitting refresh. Well, better start using the other index finger. This bird is also in the ad block of a website, in this case Animal Planet’s lion profile. Also, thanks to our lovely commenter(s), you can apparently find it elsewhere on the Discovery Channel website as long as the page has rotating ads.

You can also find this bird at if you missed it the first time!

15. Loggerhead Shrike
The clues:
Rufous Hummingbird– The squirrel calls him The Impaler. For obvious reasons. Really, it’s an off-putting habit.

Rufous Hummingbird– Any birder will tell you, you don’t just waltz into the woods and spot a Kirtland’s Warbler. You’ve got to watch and wait.

Rufous Hummingbird– It’s the bird you’ve been looking for. Making surreal art out of impaled bugs and lizards.

Scrub Jay– A bird’s got to do what a bird’s got to do, even if that’s impaling small creatures. He does love music.

Scrub Jay– In the words of one #BirdingTheNet fan: “Here, Shrikey, Shrikey!” At last, you can find him at a St. Petersburg museum.

The goods:
“Hi, my name is Vlad. I… Well, I.. Impale things, you see.” I can actually see this, sadly. On that note, I hope you like Fark as much as I do (I read it every day!), because you’re going to have to go back there and pull a Spotted Owl. The trick here is to take a break so you don’t get angry. Good luck!

In recent news, the shrike isn’t an ad bird anymore! It will, however, leave its perch on the page if you’re not watching closely, the little devil. Also, if you have never seen Un Chien Andalou, I recommend watching it since it’s getting near Halloween and features my mother’s favorite musical piece. Please note, it’s not for the faint of heart. Find the shrike you’ve been looking for at the Salvador Dali Museum.

16. Western Gull
The clues:
Rufous Hummingbird– Pigeon of the sea notwithstanding, you can find him with actual pigeons on the most bird-friendly site on the Internet.

Scrub Jay– I’ve heard people call them pigeons of the sea. And not in a nice way. I ask you, why’s everyone down on pigeons?

Find this bird on his profile page at Just remember to be patient and wait for him to fly in.

If there is a website I’m missing or you’d prefer it if yours wasn’t on here, please by all means let me know. Cheers!

UPDATE: The second half of the list can be found here. Both lists will continue to be updated.


85 responses to “Birding the Net Locations

  1. Thank goodness for generous OCD bloggers! 🙂

    For the Acorn Woodpecker, I also saw it on the mammals index page, and on the wild birds page, so it could show up anywhere on animal planet that rotates sidebar ads, I’m guessing.

    A couple of tips to make all the refreshing not *quite* as annoying:

    1) If you have a newer version of Firefox, you can set a page to auto-refresh on a schedule of your choosing: right click the page (control click on a Mac with a single button mouse), and choose “Reload Every” from the contextual menu, then choose your time preference and make sure “Enable: 30 seconds” (or whatever reload time you pick) is checked.

    Put that window over to the side where you can see the ads when they reload, and go about your business, remembering to glance over when the ads change to see if you’ve struck bird gold.

    To stop it from reloading when the bird card comes up, right click the page and unclick the “Enable: 30 seconds” at the top of the “Reload Every” menu. That’s why I had it set for 30 seconds instead of 15 – I was worried the bird would come up and I wouldn’t stop the next reload in time! Although the back button works for the birds, it seems.

    2) Shrink the page so you can see all the ads, if there are some “below the fold” – in Firefox use the “View” menu and “Zoom Out.” Or control – (command – in a Mac). This helps the ads not feel so obtrusive, too – and in a laptop with a small screen, allows you to refresh without having to scroll down the page each time, too!

    I hope those tips help keep it fun and less frustrating for folks! To be honest, though, when I’ve found my “reload birds,” it was not using either of these – I got lucky with the ACWO – it showed up the first time I went back to the lion (I had been there 2 days earlier when the lion hint first showed up refreshing like a madwoman and never found it!), and the Owl and Shrike showed up “early” too – that is on the 2nd or 3rd round at that site each time. So I think taking a break and even closing the browser and starting over might help, too! Clearing the cache, trying different browsers – I’ve done all that.

    And like batscapades said, take a break – it’s a game and supposed to be fun! Enjoy – and don’t forget to look at the real birds outside!

    • At risk of sounding mean, gulls are known as ‘pigeons of the sea’, while actual pigeons are called ‘flying rats’ around here. I thought that the remark that it could be found with other birds meant it was referring to the Audubon site. If that’s wrong and someone finds a booby with a pigeon, I’ll by all means update as soon as I can (which probably won’t be for a while; I’ve got classes and meetings coming up).

  2. Thanks for this. Not getting any emails from the contest even though I signed up. Any one want to do some trades? Find me on twitter at necessarywebs. Happy Birding!!!

  3. Snowy plover comes in with GNATCATCHERS at Sorry I’m new to this whole birding thing. 😦

    • I found the Acorn Woodpecker by going from one animal page to another on Disovery. It showed up for me on the seal page. Good Luck

      • I followed this strategy, and the Acorn Woodpecker finally showed up for me on the Giant Panda page. (Now if I could just find that Cardinal…)

      • I clicked on every single mammal and still haven’t found the acorn woodpecker. Drat!

  4. I can find the Shrike at but every time I click on it, the bird flies off the screen. I haven’t had any success in getting the Collect to appear. Any advise?

  5. Hey, guys, I’m not near the desktop to update the blog, but you can find the Redstart with any site that has yellow-headed blackbirds, and the crane website is listed on Twitter ( Unfortunately, no clues for the crane yet, though kudos to the lucky birder who shared!

  6. Hi!! This is awesome. I started the game late, so I am in need of the Lewis & Acorn, the Northern Cardinal, & the Western Gull. I have no FB friends playing, but if anyone would like to friend on FB and trade, I have extras of others!!! Let me know! Also, haven’t found the Whooping Crane yet…. Good luck all! I’m @will1494 on Twitter.

  7. Pingback: Birding the Net Locations Numero Dos « Batscapades

  8. The Lewis isn’t @ Audubon. It’s just the Pelican, over and over… So, does anyone have a clue if there is another site for the Lewis? Also, anymore Acorn sites? I refreshed & reloaded all night last night and no woodpecker @ discovery or animalplanet!

    • The post has been updated as of now; my apologies. When they repost it, I’ll stick the link up top. Also, have you cleared your cache, tried doing the google search for birds, and then gone back?

  9. Sorry, I feel like I’m 100 yrs old and new to technology! So, I cleared my history, is that my cache? :S Also, do you mean to say you can google the bird you are looking for and the site it is frequenting will come up as an option? Thanks so much! (I’m only 26….lol…but I’m not a smartphone-owning, experienced tweeter….just a bird nerd! so this is SOOO helpful!)

    • You’re totally fine. Clearing your history should also clear your cache. A box should open that says something like cache, cookies, search history, recent web history, etc. As long as cache is checked, you’re good (though it’s a good idea to clear cookies in general as well). The ads are optimized based on your interest, so if you google search for anything birding related (i.e. falcons, acorn woodpecker, birding, etc.), then go back to the website, the ads will think ‘hey, she likes birds; maybe she’d like an ad for a bird-related product.’ This makes it more likely the bird will come up quickly for you. Does that help?

  10. Yes! Thank you! I now have my ACWO & SUSC!!! 🙂 Now if I could just figure out the rascally Rufous & the Western Gull! When I go to the Audubon page, it’s still just the BRPE. Over and over, no matter what profile I’m on! Do you just have to watch the pelicans fly through for hours, until a gull pops up!?! Thank you!!!

    • Good deal! I’m not sure what they’ve done with the other two birds… Hypothetically they should still be hiding somewhere. As soon as we find them again, I’ll post on here.

  11. I keep seeing tweets by @FloridaScrubJay that say some birds are back out. Then, reply tweets that say no they are not. I don’t find any species at Audubon now… Cache is cleared. I googled some birds so if they are ad-driven they know what I am interested in! Anyone having luck w/WEGU LEWO RUHU NOCA??

  12. The very first bird I spotted was the Spotted Owl–I happened to be at and saw it as one of the rotating ads. I think it is still there, but you’ll have to refresh repeatedly to see it.

  13. The Rufous and the Lewis were only (to my scarce knowledge) released @ right? So, in theory, that would be where to look? But, though I DID learn how to clear my cache, to get the Gull today, I keep reloading to no avail. Still in search of the Lewis & Rufous! 🙂 Any help? PS- Thank you again, this is awesome bird nerd synergy!

    • RuHu and LeWo are kind of like the Audubon flagship “birdhouse” birds; they aren’t there now, but they should return to once the WeGu (what I see at Audubon today, 11/2) rotates OFF of (unless some new bird is released next). In contrast, when the WeGu or the BrPe or any non-birdhouse bird is on, it seems to be the only bird that appears on any of the pages for the next day or two. Check and clear you cache a few times a day, but you don’t really need to obsess with reloading there like you do when hunting for the “Ad” birds. From my experience, RuHu and LeWo are always on Audubon at the same time. If you can see one, you should be able to find the other if you keep looking around at different pages relating to BirdingTheNet.

  14. Hi! I just found the Rufous, but then that green chalet lookin’ birdhouse came after the birch that had the hummer, and there was no woodpecker!! Any ideas? I cleared the cache, reloaded….do you have to wait a long time or go to a certain profile?

      • I could just cry. I spent ALL day trying different things to get that damn woodpecker! And, at 6pm Central time…I think they changed it. Cuz now it’s those pesky pelicans that hang out ALL the time! ARHGHHH! Is there ANYWHERE else to find it? I just saw the RUHU all day, and then an “empty” diamond shaped green one. There was absolutely nothing in the left corner of my screen after hundreds of reloads and cache clears. They should really think of re-engineering this game for next year so there aren’t as many techy hoops to jump!

  15. I live in Emmaus Pa. where the snow has caused severe power outages(still ongoing for many) and I was just able to get on my computer for the first time since Saturday morning. Thanks to this page I was able to catch up and get back in the game. Thank you so much.

  16. Thank you so much for this invaluable tool!! However, I was a little worried this morning thinking some information might have been lost that held clues for todays game. You only have 31 birds, but after going through your list , the plover & magpie are both listed as #31. Thanks again

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