Post-Traumatic Birding Disorder

Hey, guys, I hope you found all of the birds. Whether or not you won a prize isn’t relevant; the fact that you stuck it all the way through makes it worthwhile. Did you make new friends? Did you laugh at least once? See, that is the best part of anything like this!

I’m glad for the chance to talk to you all. Thanks for using this blog as a resource to play catch-up the last few weeks. It’s actually gotten over 20,000 views because of this contest. I also hope that some of you stick around to read/share stories of your own, and that the winner of the cruise sends us all thousands of awesome pictures.

Stay warm and have a happy birding winter!


6 responses to “Post-Traumatic Birding Disorder

  1. Yes! I’ll be sticking around and if you don’t mind linking some of your fabulous posts to our stores FB page — our birding customers and teachers seem to like your stuff! Thanks for compiling all of this info and making it available to everyone! Happy Birding! And maybe, we’ll see you again next year for the 2nd Annual BTN – fingers crossed!

  2. no no, thank YOU for providing such a useful resource and forum for discussions! And if any birders (including the winner) are migrating south for the winter, let me know. I’ll be here (Quito, Ecuador) for you if you lose your passport. Best wishes to all!

  3. Thank you for all your help! I didn’t start the game until last week, so your bank of clues really was a lifesaver. I missed the Lewis’s Woodpecker so I ended up with finding only 33 of the 34, and it was more frustrating than fun at times, but overall, you have a new fan in me for sharing so readily.

  4. Thank-you for all the help….it really helped to ease the addictive frustrations born of this fabulous activity. I had many firsts…..found fabulous new sites, and was refreshed by the camaraderie of many who helped each other…..many pluses!

  5. Thanks for all of your help thru this game. I agree with the others – without you I would NEVER have been able to figure out these clues – they were too “out there” for me to figure out most of them! It would be fun to have something like this come around again…..and it was fun connecting with everyone during the game! Thanks again!

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