Bucket Lists

The other half and I have already shared some of our goals in a previous post. There are other things we’d like to do, of course:

  • Climb a mountain- Check. I’ve been up Stonewall peak; we’ve both been up Mount Woodson.
  • See at least 10 endangered species in the wild- Many of these that we’d prefer are actually aquatic, like dolphins and whales. Unfortunately, the fact that the animals are endangered doesn’t bode well for them, nor does it say much for the sustainability of human practices.
  • Go on an African safari- This would be entirely more likely if the other half wouldn’t alert us to every single elephant in a 20 mile radius. It’s still a nice goal.
  • See an active volcano- From a safe distance, of course.
  • Catch a fish weighing more than 25 pounds- This should actually say ‘humanely catch a fish’ so it could go back to the water. And no, stick-fish don’t count. I catch those all the time.
  • See the aurora borealis- This will happen when we go somewhere cold, like Alaska or Hell (preferably the Norwegian version).
  • Run 10k- No, that’s not ‘run a 10k.’ I’d just be happy running 10k in the first place…
  • Get a second-degree black belt in aikido- Our university has a really great aikido class (which is why we’ve achieved green belts in this martial art), but taking 20 credit hours of class does not leave much energy, so this is on hiatus at current.
  • See the Great Barrier Reef- What’s this? An excuse to visit Australia? Never!
  • Visit the Amazon Rain Forest- There is the distinct possibility that this may occur on the Galapagos trip in 2 years.
  • Build a low- to zero-energy house- The other half works in alternative energy, and we both love the idea of sustainability. We’re definitely not minimalist; we like cooking too much, and the turtle and gecko need electricity to stay warm. That doesn’t mean we can’t introduce solar and geothermal energy to make our mark as small as possible.

The coolest thing about some of these things is that despite popular belief, it is possible to do them frugally (Well, maybe not the house-building, but we can’t have everything, can we?). For example, a 10k  can be run with only some time, some patience, and a good pair of shoes. We can visit several national parks on a single trip, and, by camping (which is awesome if you’ve never tried it before), can enjoy the parks more and save some money over the cost of hotels. So while it may look like we’re biting off a lot of goals at once, we fully plan on achieving them. And sharing them with you, to boot!

So, what’s on your bucket list?


One response to “Bucket Lists

  1. Lots of great things on your list, hope you achieve them all!
    Here’s one of mine: 6 wks. birding in Oz –

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