The Cowboy Hall of Fame and Western Heritage Museum

When you’re in the mood for a day of museuming it up (yeah, that’s totally a phrase), it’s fun to revisit places you’ve been before.  Funnily enough, the other half hadn’t ever visited the Cowboy Hall of Fame (which is much easier to say than National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum), so we decided to take him there to explore.

There are quite a few galleries to look through, but unfortunately several are off-limits for cameras. It’s pretty unfortunate because there are several paintings and sculptures that are well-worth seeing.

Of course, there’s also the actual Cowboy and Cowgirl Halls of Fame to look through (with explanations of the events and awards if rodeo isn’t your usual cup of tea).

There are also exhibits detailing frontier life, Native American heritage, and even old western movies (who doesn’t like Rooster Cogburn, after all?).

Although I wish the exhibits were a bit more varied and that there was a bit more background on the different artists, there is enough here to keep someone for several hours, especially if you haven’t been here before. The other half enjoyed it his first time, as well.


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