Closer to Home: The Eastern Bluebird, In My Window

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve been able to post, but luckily the semester is winding down. I’ve unfortunately been unable to really leave the confines of my study corner to post or even to go outside and enjoy the seeming plethora of bluebirds that seem to be surrounding our new home (Along with many other birds. And squirrels. Lots of squirrels.). Hopefully it doesn’t turn into an Alfred Hitchcock sequel.

The eastern bluebird seen above can be identified because it’s, well, blue. Well, it looks that way, at least. UV light reflects from its feathers, making it look blue even though it’s more of a drab grey-brown. If you read Nat Geo, they have a very interesting article on how birds look in the UV spectrum (Hint: really awesome, that’s how).

Fun fact: Do you ever notice all the little birdhouse boxes on the side of fences? People use those to attract bluebirds because these little guys don’t like to do much work at nesting. Instead, they prefer to nest in existing cavities (like those convenient nest boxes). I’m sure if they started eating hamburgers, they’d definitely go for fast food so they didn’t have to work at it too long. Also, the CDC would probably release a PSA saying that there were mutant bluebirds eating hamburgers…


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