Schedule Updates

Because of some recent (and awesome) developments in my schedule this summer, I’ll be traveling and doing vetly things starting after Memorial Day weekend. Unfortunately for the other half, Spain did not come through, but that means he won’t have an insanely jealous half pining away while he’s off adventuring. I did mention that the other half is my better half, right?

What does this mean for you? The once a week schedule is going to stay, possibly permanently. I’m sure just having one post is much less annoying than two or three a week talking about all the cool stuff I found in my backyard while I should be studying.

Meanwhile, we’ll be doing a lot of exploring so I can get my fishing/hiking quota in before I go visit a city that has a grand total of 3 parks, one of which is a cemetery (Ok, well, they’ve got more than that, but I’m still allowed to complain because they’re not big parks, right?). Bonus points if you guess which city it is.


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