Closer to Home: Meet the Creepers

Have you ever felt like someone is watching your life from the outside like a reality show through your window? Well, we’ve been getting that ever since we moved into the new house. What is watching us from outdoors, following our lives, you ask?

Well, this is:

Doesn’t he look scary? The sneaky little cad comes up to visit us at the front door every night. And at the back door?

His little buddy. Yes, that’s right, we have a rabbit warren nearby, and all of them like to come visit people.

Unfortunately, we have a dog who likes to chase things that run (read: rabbits). You would think this means he’s going to try to eat them, right? No, he likes to watch them through the door, and when he thinks they’ve had enough time in the yard, he wants to go chase them out. What does he do then? He wants to come back inside and wait for them to come back so he can chase them again (obviously, we don’t let him do this all the time). The rabbits think this is hilarious/not scary enough that they actually come up to the door so they can watch the dog, too.

Okay, so five rabbits watching us isn’t necessarily creepy. But it is pretty funny and amusing. We also got these outside our window every night (well, until they got run off by two new feathered neighbors, who you’ll hear about in a couple weeks).:

Don’t feel like playing I Spy? Well, fine, here’s a closeup:

These are cedar waxwings, one of the slickest, coolest birds ever. You can tell them because of their smooth feathers and rufous coloration. A similar species, the bohemian waxwing, is bigger, has a grey abdomen instead of a yellow one, and has its rufous color underneath its tail.

Cedar waxwings are known to gather into enormous flocks in the hundreds, much like starlings; this flock is only about 30 in number, but it’s still pretty cool to see them.

Now, if a flock of birds and a bunch of rabbits visiting your door doesn’t remind you of Snow White or Alfred Hitchcock, I don’t know what will.


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