Closer to Home: Cardinals!

NOTE: The Selman Bat Watch registration opens today for those of you who are interested in visiting Oklahoma and/or Alabaster Caverns this summer. The official page is here. Make sure you register before June 7!

Redbirds are probably one of the most easily recognizable birds in the mid-west, even when they’re not in St. Louis. Especially the males, which like to body slam our front bird feeder so they can spill the seeds all over the place.

This poor unfortunate soul is actually a single father of two chicks:

The first chick is one of the noisiest birds I have ever seen, or rather, heard. He’s been waking us up begging for food from the mourning doves every morning before his dad shows up to give him a lecture on manners (or stuff his face with seeds, either way).

The second chick is really cute and likes to sit on the bushes and railings outside our window and watch the neighborhood.

For the past week or so, the male cardinal has been rounding these two up and taking them to all the neighborhood birdfeeders to feed them. How’s that for a devoted parent?

I’m glad he’s been taking them elsewhere, though, since I caught the cute one pooping on my kumquat tree.

“Who, me?”


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