Further Exploration of the Local Park

NOTE: If you are interested, Venus is transiting across the sun at sunset today. Find somewhere to see it!

A couple weeks ago, I mentioned the Other Half and I have been taking Eli to a park closer to us. We don’t just see birds, though; you should know by now that I love invertebrates and reptiles just as much as our flying friends.

The park has tons of river cooters and red-eared sliders that like to bask among the, well, large amount of trash in the water.

I really wish that the water areas were cleaner, but unfortunately there are very few areas that have less trash in our area.

The rest of the park, however, is beautifully maintained (perhaps to make up for the waterways?), including lots of wonderful trees:

There are several mulberry trees that shade a wonderful footbridge on the north end of the park.

The other day, while walking over the bridge, I saw a movement that I thought was a snake moving quickly through the brush. Care to guess what it actually was?

It was a wet squirrel! It had swum across the creek to eat the mulberries. I guess it didn’t trust the bridge.

Something that didn’t care about the bridge was this big bullfrog:

The turtles around it bailed when they saw us, but this guy decided to play statue to see if we’d go away. Another frog, this time a Blanchard’s cricket frog, decided the best defense was a good offense. It jumped onto the Other Half’s pantleg and tried to take a ride around the park on him.

The park is actually much better than we expected it to be. It will be nice to get home and explore it more when I get home in August.


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