A Rose in Any Other City

The Other Half and I occasionally travel to the sprawling city of Tulsa, Oklahoma. Usually this involves downtime that is spent at the city’s Rose Garden. It also usually involves at least one person setting up for a wedding. Go figure.

This time as we were getting out of the car, we were broadsided by, well, the broadest sided squirrel I’ve ever seen.

This squirrel was so fat that it waddled around; I was laughing so hard I almost dropped the camera while I was taping it.

The garden itself was definitely as gorgeous as I remembered; there are always flowers blooming, and the colors are brilliant.

The garden is pretty extensive and is great for a leisurely stroll (or apparently a wedding if you’re so inclined).

When we were wandering around, we also saw this little dude flitting around:

All the pond plants were in bloom, so he was just trying to blend in with the brilliant colors, I guess.

We hadn’t been past the rose garden itself before, but on a whim decided to go across the street, which apparently houses a teaching garden and a giant bronze statue of the coolest guy ever: Carolus Linnaeus.

Linnaeus is the guy that gave us the binomial classification we use for different species today. Fun fact: apparently clouds are also named with a genus and species based on the type of cloud and its appearance. I learned that when I was running away from a supercell (which had a cloud formation called a Cumulonimbus incus, or an angry, roiling, anvil-shaped cumulonimbus cloud). Okay, fine, I was running away from the tornado that the supercell sicced on me.

Anyway, back on track: The teaching gardens have some great waterfalls and koi ponds, as well as a nice, organized labelling system of all the plants they have on display. It’s a great spot to visit if you’re in the area.


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