Revere Beach’s Sand Sculpting Festival

While I was in Boston, I was lucky enough to be able to spend a day at Revere Beach, one of the oldest public beaches in the US. They also just happened to be holding a sand-sculpting festival the day we visited.

The sculptures were really awesome. I’m still not entirely sure how the artists made these wonderfully detailed pieces of art, even though we spent several hours watching them. The winning sculpture was a bee coming out of the ground.

My second-favorite sculpture was actually interesting: death on the front and angel on the back.

We took a break to wander around and do beachly things (like visit Kelly’s Roast Beef, which I was told was delicious). While we walked the shoreline, we noticed that (1) the beach is really shallow, and (2) there were a ton of crabs just under the tide line.

This green crab was pretty big, about 3-4 inches across the carapace. I was actually catching hermit crabs to show little kids and their parents when I saw this bugger crawling around my feet. My buddy convinced a little boy and his dad to let us borrow their sandcastle building bucket to catch him in. It was totally awesome! And the added bonus is that the kids and their families got to see what was right underneath their noses.

Something else really cool that washed up was this mermaid’s purse:

Mermaid’s purse is an old term for the egg cases of certain species of rays and sharks. This one happens to be from a thornback ray.
While we were eating lunch, we noticed just how many gulls were hanging around.

Ring-bills and herring gulls were feasting on both people’s leftovers and all of the clams that were washing up at low tide.

We hung out until dark, when there were fireworks for the festival. Suddenly around dusk, the beach turned from half-empty into a giant party filled with people. There was food and a concert and tons and tons of people.

If nothing else, it was pretty nice to get to the beach again. It’s just too bad that the Atlantic doesn’t have the waves the Pacific Ocean does. But hey, when the water’s clear and there’s life underwater, there’s an adventure to be had!


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