Airtran, You Suck. Kind of.

Because I am an economical grad student, I had the bright idea to use the cheapest possible flight to get me from my vetly things in Boston to my vetly things in Wisconsin. This flight landed two hours away from my final destination, where I would catch a bus to end my journey.

Airtran had other ideas. I had a four hour layover in a terminal in Canton, Ohio, which was expected. Until Airtran realized they didn’t have a scheduled pilot for our flight. We had to wait 4.5 extra hours for the new pilot to fly in as the other airlines quietly chortled behind their hands while waving our flight’s passengers over.

At the end of it, only 20 people stayed with our flight, I missed the last bus from Milwaukee to Madison, and there were no hotels within 30 minutes of either Canton (because of a golf tournament) or Milwaukee (because of a festival). I wound up sleeping outside of the terminal in Milwaukee until the first bus of the morning.

At the time, I was just cranky because I now had only a half-day to get settled in before I started my vet externship. I mean, you’d think I’d be happy. I talked to several of my fellow passengers; I got to watch the sunset in-flight; I was finally in Wisconsin. And I got a free flight out of the deal. Things could have gone much worse.


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