Closer to Home: the Differential Grasshopper

Now, the Other Half is an engineer, and I’m a vet student. Where do these two things come together? We both have differentials! I have differential diagnoses while he does differential calculus.

Was that too nerdy for you? Well guess what? Now our yard has differentials! Differential grasshoppers, that is!

IMG_4876 copy

To  be fair, not many people enjoy seeing these in the yard. They have several different colors, including a bright yellow morph, but are identified by the black tick-marks on their hind femur (upper leg). They are agriculturally important as swarming pests that can decimate crops in mere days. So, not so great to see them if you’re a farmer.

But hey, this was a great opportunity to use the Other Half’s new Nikon. He found a refurbished model at a decent price and has been Mr. Photographer ever since, leaving me with my little Canon all summer. It took me three months to convince him to let me use it (possibly due to an incident with his previous camera in which I broke the lens the day it came out of the box), but I was stoked. I ran outside to find the subject of what would be the most awesome picture ever.

Instead, I found this:

IMG_5085 copy

Yep, that’s right. Just outside our front door I became an unwilling voyeur to the copulation of a couple of differential grasshoppers. And thus my picture-taking rights were rescinded despite my pleas to look at the wonderful focus and detail on the insect wings.

I guess you’re still stuck playing I-Spy with my little camera.


2 responses to “Closer to Home: the Differential Grasshopper

  1. Maybe those grasshoppers are philosophers and they knew you’d be swinging that Nikon out the front door that day. Pretty clever little orthopterans. I too am banned from touching the ‘nice’ gear and electronics. Something about touching screens (the iPad has enticed and spoiled me into believing touching every electronic device is okay), viscera, blood, occasional cat snot and the ubiquitous dropping electronics on dung debacles. Somehow these things are bad. And they are all my fault. So Nikon for me, either. Just an iPhone that refuses to take close-ups of oral pathology. Am I whining?

    • Haha, not whining at all! I forget that when we spend so much time showing or talking about pathologies with our colleagues that other people don’t necessarily enjoy hearing about that subject in extreme detail. My phone is full of pictures the Other Half won’t look at. 😉

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