Drought? What Drought?

This summer I was blissfully ignorant of the bad conditions and heat that hit the midwest. Well, I wasn’t ignorant, but I was most certainly enjoying the milder temperatures of the New England coast and northern US. Besides, it was raining almost every day this summer; there had to have been rain on the plains at some point, right?

So imagine my surprise when I got home to see this in most of the lakes:

IMG_4935 copy

I’d say those birds look pretty desperate. When we moved in closer, we saw a lot of this:

IMG_4952 copy

And this:

IMG_4974 copy

And yes, that is hundreds of dead minnows all washed up on the edge of a putrid puddle. The birds were trying to get the last vestiges of live fish out before the hole dried up. It felt like we were on a nature show in the African Sahara during the dry season.

However, just on the other side of the fence was this:

IMG_4897 copy IMG_4917 copy

Very different, right? Heck, there were even flowers with bees and butterflies buzzing around them.

IMG_4907 copy

To be fair, the two ponds above were man-made and not spring-fed, but it was an extremely saddening sight to see the desolate crater that used to be a lake. Makes me wonder what everyone else must be thinking when they look out over their land right now.


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