A Walk to Remember

On one of our study breaks, we returned to our old standby lake near our old apartments. As we walked around, we noticed we had forgotten our binoculars, so instead we used the zoom on the camera to figure out what we were looking at from afar.

While using our jerry-rigged system, we caught this ring-billed gull catching bluegill in the shallows.

IMG_5498 copy

He plucked this puppy up before tossing him in the air and catching him a few times as he tried to flop away.

Something else we noticed in the shallows (in November, mind you) was this downed tree with some very odd bark.

IMG_5537 copy

As a matter of fact, it was totally covered in turtles! We were very surprised they weren’t hibernating just yet, but I suppose they were out last year at this time, too, if for a different reason.

Right next door to our reptilian friends were the family of cormorants who seemed to have moved in this summer. The more the drought deepens, the more cormorants who arrive to our little lake.

IMG_5562 copy

North of the lake is the creek that feeds into it. Knowing that we’ve never seen the beaver that lives around the area, we decided to walk around to look for it.

IMG_5602 copy

We armed ourselves with our wildlife detectors, Pais and Eli, before continuing up the trail.

IMG_5629 copy

…Where we promptly found a whole lot of birds and not a whole lot of beavers.

Apparently the creek has turned into the watering hole for the local birds, who pretty much ignored us while they were busy taking a drink.

IMG_5576 copy

Robins weren’t the only ones at the waterng hole, though. several mockingbirds, a few chickadees, and a downy woodpecker were hiding around the area.

IMG_5574 copy

While we didn’t get to see any beavers or bobcats, we did get to see some other things starting with ‘B’, like Blanchard’s cricket frogs.

IMG_5621 copy

All in all, it was definitely a walk worth repeating, though perhaps when it’s a little warmer…


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