It’s An Adventure in the Park!

Fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on how you look at it), we’ve recently been working on our dogs’ off-leash skills. It’s like having children: if they behave, don’t bother people, and play quietly, they can stay at the park. Any tantrums or eating of cat poop and we go home.

IMG_5721 copy

Surprisingly, this system has worked really well. To be fair, we also used the buddy system at first, inviting other peoples’ dogs that respond well to walk with us so our dogs would follow along. Hey, don’t dis the buddy system if it works.

IMG_5681 copy

Meanwhile, I’ve discovered a small spot that is literally crawling with birds. How did I find it? Why, two adult red-tailed hawks and a juvenile flew out, quickly followed by several blue jays that screeched like the hawks they chased. When I walked back into the area, several thrashers were circling a squirrel nest protecting it from a flock of finches.

IMG_4437 copy

While I wasn’t entirely sure what was going on, I have to say it was possibly the most interesting thing I saw last fall. After all, I had no idea that Alice in Wonderland was based on truth. As we continued our walk, I heard the angry cries of kingfishers, so I followed them around to another path, where I noticed a blue catfish that seemed to be pining for the fjords.

IMG_4422 copy

At the time, the fall flowers were still, well, flowering, and several denizens were taking advantage of their beauty.

IMG_4404 copy

IMG_4402 opy

While there were no bluebirds for the day, there were quite a few goldfinches and purple finches. No word on when the secondary colors were going to start showing up for the day.

IMG_5707 copy

IMG_5709 copy

And of course the pups came running back to tell me they found something awesome in the tree.

IMG_5724 copy

What was it, you ask? Why, squirrels, of course! What else would a hyperactive dog need to draw his attention away?

IMG_5734 copy'


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