Closer to Home: the Coopers Hawk

On our way back to class after lunch one day, we were blindsided by a small brown missile that shot past us and into the trees by our neighbors’ yard. Of course, I chased it into their yard to see what it was while the Other Half grabbed the camera.

IMG_5088 copy

We only have two pretty common birds that look like this in our area, Cooper’s Hawks and Goshawks.

IMG_5091 copy

Using the lovely guide at Cornell to help us decide which of the two birds this one was, we decided he was a juvenile Cooper’s hawk. He was fairly small, had pretty even barring on his tail, and the gorgeous eyebrows that make the eyes of Accipiters look so fierce.

IMG_5101 copy

Some little bird must have told him we had a feeder in our yard, so he came looking for a brief snack. We unfortunately haven’t seen him since that day, so I figure he found greener pastures elsewhere.


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