Chasing Frogs

On one of our expeditions, one of our buddy’s dogs suddenly discovered something.

There were frogs at the lake!

IMG_5304 copy

Somehow in the last year of playing at the lake, the dogs had missed that as they fell into the mud… It moved!

Our buddy’s dog slowly stalked up to the frogs, while our Queen of Creep Paisly decided she had to get in on the action.

IMG_5292 copy

She crawled into the mud with all the grace of a wallowing sow.

IMG_5308 copy

…And then proceeded to miss every single frog, instead getting a rather large mouthful of thick, dark swamp muck.

IMG_5309 - Copya

Imagine the terrible woe she must have felt as she missed every target, instead getting her face ground into the stinkiest possible mud (Trust me, it even beats the Bog of Eternal Stench). But instead of laying into the mud and flailing around in the funk, she pulled herself up with the force of a bear to face her next target: jumping on Eli.

IMG_5295 copy

Because when you’re faced with adversity, you don’t just get down in the dumps. You jump out of the mire of despair and get to the work of playing with your buddies and getting on with the good parts of life.


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