Oh, Come On, Not Another Sunset…

Well, that’s what you get for clicking on it. Another sunset picture. I hope you’re happy. My brother and a few other people have told us quite a bit about the running course the local university maintains, so we decided to try it out one night.

Even though it wasn’t quite my idea of awesome, it was a nice respite from our usual haunts.

IMG_5491 copy

Besides, you can’t go wrong with awesome sunsets, right?

And it’s even metaphorical. This week our university is on Spring Break, and it will be my last one ever before I hit the real world. I have big plans for this break, like cleaning my car out and cat-sitting. Oh, and doing fun things like going to the lake, hiking, and watching sunsets until I see that dang comet.

IMG_5494 copy

Fun fact: Sunsets become more colorful the more atmospheric disturbances are present, like pollution, dust, or clouds. The interruption of the rays causes the light to defract and produce all kinds of different colors and effects.

Second fun fact: You’ll hopefully be seeing a few more sunsets from an entirely different latitude in the next couple of months. Because of some mix-ups on a couple of airlines, the Other Half and I get to go to Puerto Rico in April. Cross your fingers that it’s totally worth it.


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