The Oklahoma City Zoo

After only five minutes of vacation (Ha!), I loaded up on an early morning flight so I could get home and make up my weekend plans with the Other Half. Which were totally awesome.

Number 1: Pick up my mother.

Number 2: Get some lunch.

Number 3: Get some boba tea.

Number 4: Go to the zoo!

Mixed in there somewhere were some catching up and a crazy dog. But for once, my entire checklist got done. As an added bonus, the zoo was having free entry on the day I got back.

Because I have a love-hate relationship with the Oklahoma City Zoo, I’ll just skip all the soap-boxing and get straight to what I really like: the native birds aviary.

There’s just something about mergansers and buffleheads that makes me all camera-happy. They are just the cutest little diving waterbirds.

IMG_0346 copy

Take buffleheads. If they made a documentary called March of the Buffleheads, you know that people would totally abandon penguins to get in on the deal. Heck, even the females are fluff-balls.

IMG_0364 copy

At risk of breaking down into some kind of fuzzy-baby-animal post, however, they are a bit goofy-looking when you look too closely at them. The males have such large heads and angled beaks.

IMG_0369 copy

Anyway, what the Oklahoma City Zoo does really well is provide a walk-through experience that gets you up close and personal with animals that you may not even notice are around you all the time.

IMG_0358 copy

IMG_0499 copy

And while you don’t get to see the pictures of my mother air-hugging a vulture, the Other Half playing on the kiddy rides, or me getting jumped on by a bear, you can still appreciate that there is a little bit of the wild around us no matter where we go.


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