Puerto Rico Day 1: Parking Garage in Paradise

I’ve set aside my backlog of posts so that they’re not quite so far behind our adventures. I know, you’re sad you don’t get to see more hiking pictures of our dog. It’s an absolute travesty.

Photo511 copy

Among other travesties was that my perfectly planned vacation sort of… fell apart the very first day. The Other Half’s flight got delayed, which meant he missed his flight to San Juan and had to get redirected, landing 8 hours late.

His day might have been bad, but mine seemed much worse: I had to go pick up our rental car myself. The agency was very understanding of the driver change, even though I wasn’t (stinking airlines…).

Now, you might be wondering how my day could be so much worse than the poor Other Half. Well, there was San Juan traffic. I really, really, strongly hate traffic. I usually get around this by cranking up the heavy metal and wailing like a sick cat at the top of my lungs.

Except the Other Half had my music-making device, leaving me to the mercy of local radio. Which actually turned out to be really good. As long as I didn’t pay attention to the womanizing lyrics, I could bob my head furiously to the beat like a drunk pigeon and forget about the people swerving in and out of the lanes around me.

Honestly, I learned pretty quickly how Puerto Rico plays the traffic game. Lanes? Optional. As are blinkers, road signs, speed limits, road maps, guard rails, and, well, let’s just say that pretty much everything but having a car was optional. After exploring the city and trying to find a grocery store for quite a while, I finally gave up and headed back to the airport.

Unfortunately, however, the San Juan airport doesn’t allow people to wait inside the airport for arrivals. So instead, I bundled up and waited in a parking garage for the last two hours, laughing the entire time. I was, after all, in a parking garage in paradise.


One response to “Puerto Rico Day 1: Parking Garage in Paradise

  1. Yes, but you didn’t write how your mother stayed on the phone with you for 2 or 3 hours during that time too! LOL, but it was fun!!

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