Puerto Rico Day 4: Cabo Rojo Salt Flats

Finally, the stunning conclusion of our Puerto Rican getaway. Okay, maybe it’s not as stunning as an electric eel, but bear with me.

Cabo Rojo was probably the first place we had no problems finding on the entire island. The Salt Flats have a nice drive with a little observation tower that overlooks both the flats and the salt extrusion plant.

DSC_0769 (2) copy

The drive continues from the wildlife area to the salt flats to the lighthouse itself. Under the lighthouse is a tiny little finger of beach that many families were enjoying, along with a family of garbage-raiding ginger cats.

DSC_0845 (2) copy

The little strip of white sand parallels an equally thin strip of stunted trees that on one side overlooks the salt flats and on the other side overlooks the beach itself. On the salt flat side, birds were everywhere. Everywhere. It was awesome.

On the beach side, pale-feathered royal terns flew over the area while Godzilla observed the entrance of the cove.

copy DSC_0944 (2)

Okay, maybe I exaggerate a little. Two rocks at just the perfect angle resemble a giant lizard staring straight at the lighthouse.

What could be cooler than that?

We had our ups and downs (literally and figuratively) on our short time in Puerto Rico, but was it worth it? Totally. The people we met were very friendly, whether they spoke English or led us along in halting Spanish conversations. Next time, though, we’re totally staying longer in Humacao.


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