Robbers Cave State Park

The second part of our Fourth of July adventure continued our trek into the southern regions of Oklahoma. I had been to the area before but had never had the time to explore Robbers Cave, a place so named because of the numerous outlaws who took to hiding there (including Belle Starr, Jesse James, and the Dalton Gang, among others).

For us, the hike was a trek up the old, steep Civilian Conservation Corps trail, with frequent looks back to make sure the thunder we were hearing wasn’t anywhere near us.

DSC_0311 (14) copy

Unfortunately, despite what the ranger at the nature center said about the weather (that the thunderstorm was totally going to go around us and we wouldn’t see any rain), we realized we should have listened to the meteorologists on the matter. Instead of just heading home, we waited for a break in the rain before going down the Rough Canyon Trail, where we discovered that the dog was definitely not afraid of a good thunderstorm (or a good hike, for that matter). Because of the continuing rain, we opted for a shorter hike; we also didn’t see any other hikers in the area (probably because they were smarter than we were).

Even though the wet hike made for very little luck at finding wildlife, we still managed to find a few reptiles out enjoying the moisture with us. And let’s be honest, there isn’t anything more fun than dancing in the rain on the Fourth of July.


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