A day at the Columbus Zoo

My next stop this fall was to Columbus, Ohio, where my wonderful roommate volunteered to take me to the Columbus Zoo. It was giant, it had a dinosaur ride, and it had … creepy caterpillar slides?

IMG_0186 copy

Beyond the man-eating insects that were all over the place, the zoo also had the requisite lions and tigers and bears:

IMG_0376 copy

Bears, guys! Be excited! And just in case you were confused, the sign above towered over the exhibit to guide you to these furry creatures.

As per normal, the various creatures were being fed as we walked through the zoo, including a creature I realized I hadn’t actually seen before: a manatee.

IMG_0361 copy

I’ll bet his name was Hugh. We also visited the walk-through kangaroo exhibit, which featured this girl, who had to have her own personal babysitter because she kept jumping into the pathway and blocking everyone from moving through. Look how much she cares.

IMG_0326 copy

Included in our adventure were quite a few animals, though the zoo was too large to get through in one day for as much time as we were spending wandering the area. I’ll admit, I was a bit impressed. Where else do you find a giant manatee tank besides in the Gulf of Mexico?


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