The Inner Harbor of Baltimore

In October, I was lucky enough to receive a grant to travel to a national meeting in Baltimore, MD, to present some of my research. Due to the meeting’s schedule, I had an extra day to explore the Inner Harbor.

IMG_0664 cpy

The first place I went was the Maryland Science Center. Why? Because they have a Mummies of the World exhibit which showcased mummies of both people and animals from across the world and throughout time. The exhibit was extremely well done. It was organized by period and by continent, and featured interactive MRI/CT/radiography of the mummies for you to interpret. I could have spent hours walking through the remains of dogs, cats, falcons, Counts, priests, families, and villagers, and, in fact, I did.

I explored the rest of the museum, as well, which had some interesting and fun activities for families (and for young adults who are easily amused). They even had the most awesome poster ever:

IMG_0648 copy

Isn’t that hilarious? Well, I guess it could give nightmares to some kids (and maybe to the parents who have to treat them. Yuck.).

My next stop was the National Aquarium as part of a social event. It was fun meeting some other veterinary professionals and exploring the aquarium, which is designed around a central pool with a tower that showcases the different depths of ocean life.

IMG_0586 copy

Of course, as always, there are things that would have made my experience better. Like the creepy, psychedelic Jaws-like music playing as you descended into the depths of the shark exhibit. That music needs to be retired to a fittingly dark and dusty grave where it will never be played again.

IMG_0595 copy

I had just enough time to finish my afternoon with some excited squealing and picture-taking of the many jellyfish frequenting the harbor and feeding on the comb jellies in the area.

Chrysaora quinquecirrha_sea nettle (3) copyberoe ovata_pink comb jelly copy

The weather was fine, and my meeting was fun and informative. After all, how could you not be excited with that?

laughing gull (coc) cpy


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