Getting Loony at Lake Hefner

You know, visiting my parents when I get a free afternoon (which has happened exactly twice in the last month. Yay!) is a wonderful thing. The Other Half and I get to see them both, and they have more of an excuse to get outside.

It just so happened that this year, I got to see my sister and her Other Half for the first time since they moved into the real world almost three years ago. It was great getting to see them, and it was also great convincing them to go out looking for loons with us. It took us showing them proof that loons do in fact exist at Lake Hefner to get them to come out, though.

It really started two years ago when we found out that loons come this far south (since we didn’t believe it either); you just have to find a big enough and deep enough body of water for them to dive. We took my mother out for a leisurely drive along the lake, and we were super excited to find a group of loons. We even got this mind-numbingly awesome photo of them:

142 Gavia immer

Yeah, you can totally tell we were like twelve feet away, can’t you?

Since then, we have returned to the lake carting various family members in tow in an attempt to get better photos of the dang things. And sure enough, we were lucky enough to spot one of the big birds out on the water. We watched it as it slowly swam up to us, diving on the way, curious as to why a clown car full of people had stopped near the dam.

DSC_0260 (17) copyDSC_0266 (17) copy

The next day, with several more members in our party of adventurers, we not only got to see the loons, but also the boat club, lighthouse, and other waterfowl in the area.

DSC_0126 (23) copy

Sometimes the most mundane things seem fresh and new when seen through the eyes of others. And sometimes all you really need to do for the holidays is get your loony family together for some outdoor adventures.


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