The OSU Botanic Garden

The Other Half and I have our favorite places to visit throughout the seasons, but the one place where the difference between summer and winter seems greatest is the university-owned Botanic Gardens. During the winter, bleak wood tones highlight the obvious labels which surround the ever-present compost piles.

DSC_0064 (25) copy

But even here, when you come in the evenings, the questioning whistles of robins and peeps of other small birds drown out the rustling crunch of leaves under squirrel feet.

DSC_0078 (27) copy

The only splashes of color are bright berries lining the stark, empty branches of trees. Between them flit dozens of sparrows and waxwings.

DSC_0079 (28) copy

DSC_0090 (27) copy

During the summer, though, the gardens become a riot of color. Flowers burst with hues that mix and match in a cascade of colors, and bees, butterflies, and other wildlife flit among them with a low hum.

DSC_0406 (6) copy

The wildlife itself changes from fall and winter to spring and summer, as well. During the winter, on a warm day, you may see the occasional fly among the birds and squirrels, while during the summer, cottontails dart among the tall weeds and skinks clamber about.

DSC_0418 (10) copy

But the biggest difference of all is the sunsets. During the summer, warm gold tones highlight art fixtures and flowers in a welcoming glow.

DSC_0404 (9) copy

During the winter, it’s all I can do to stay out long enough to see the sharp shadows lengthen over the trees.

Alright, let’s be honest. It’s just too cold for me during winter. If I post pictures of flowers and warm evenings, maybe then spring can remember to show itself this March. Can we maybe see some spring soon? Maybe? Or maybe I should just escape to southern Texas for a few days…


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