Mustang Island State Park

The Other Half and I, despite visiting south Texas several times in the past, had never actually been to Padre or Mustang Islands, the travel hotspots of the eastern coast. Padre Island National Seashore, Texas A&M, and numerous public parks, beaches, and fishing areas abound on the two islands.

DSC_0628 copy

We only spent a few hours walking the beaches of the state park so that we could go visit Fisherman’s Wharf, which juts from the northern edge of the island and usually has dolphins and green sea turtles hanging around. We did, however, find quite a few people scouring the area for shells, walking their dogs, and enjoying their last night on the island before fleeing in terror from the incoming crowds of Spring Break students.

(Heck, we couldn’t figure out why everyone steered clear of us until we found a friendly university alum who apparently lives near us; he introduced himself and explained during our conversation that because of our young age, we looked like the typical students who would be arriving the next day. I guess I should be thankful that we can still be mistaken for high school- and undergraduate-age students? Because there are some days I feel all of 80 years old…)

Anyway, we also found a variety of sea life on the windy beach. We found ourselves at high tide, which unfortunately meant no tidepool watching, though we did find several birds wandering the shore. They would wait for us to walk right by them, then run into the shallow waters, stabbing their beaks downward into the sand before running out behind us.

The beach was clean and enjoyable, if quite cold in early March, and we would definitely come visit again. Just not nearly so close to spring break next time…


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