Ecuador Day 22: Bellavista Day 4

Palabra del día: caminando

On our last day at Bellavista lodge, we wake up at 5:45 in order to meet our guides for the 6:15 walk. We see the same birds with the addition of one new guest: a smoke-colored pewee.

404 C fumigatus copy

We follow a strong-billed woodcreeper in his quest to find all the moths on the property.

453 X promeropirhynchus copy

He has learned a quite amusing way to find his prey: he shakes the wicker baskets that shade some of the outdoor bulbs to disturb the moths into moving. It’s quite amusing to watch, though we move on up the road in order to see the brilliant landscape of the cloud forest.

The morning is foggy, though the sun quickly burns the thick blanket of clouds away to reveal a gorgeous sunny morning.

DSC_0642 (2) copy DSC_0598 (3) copy

After breakfast, we decide to walk up the trails to look for birds of prey and quetzals. We see a crazy accipiter chasing a thrush through the clearing above our heads on the way out, but we unfortunately do not see any others on our walk. We do spot many interesting plants (including a rubber tree) and insects along the way, though, all out enjoying the sunny day.

DSC_0636 (3) copy

About 45 minutes in, our guide falls ill and needs to return to the lodge. We decide to continue our trek by ourselves, reaching the road just as the fog begins to roll in again. The Other Half tries to keep us to the road, but I clamber into a cow pasture to find a pair of parrots which have flown into the trees abutting it. I walk right into the roiling fog as a raptor cries out, and we are unable to see the bird which has startled the parrots into taking flight and leaving the area.

The cool, clammy air masks and muffles the sounds around us, and, though we wait, searching, we finally decide to climb back up to the road. We return to the lodge hungry and ready for lunch. The meal of the day is trout, a dish which the lodge is known for. Unfortunately, coinciding with this particular lunch is our realization that we really, really don’t like trout.

After lunch, we are free to wander around the hummingbird feeders for one last look before we catch the van to Quito. Once we are back at the hostel, we make plans for dinner. I know, priorities, right?

In my stubborn obstinacy, I decide that McDonald’s sounds good for dinner. Heck, I tell the Other Half, they might even serve real beef instead of questionable meat patties… Their nearest location is more than 2 km from our location, and we briefly consider taking a cab since it is near sunset. Instead, we laughingly walk the entire way there and back just for a burger and a small stack of greasy french fries.

By the time we return, our food is cold, but the chess board is free for us to play some chess and watch Total Recall with one of the other guests. Yeah, it’s pretty much been that kind of day.


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