Rainy days at the Oregon Zoo

A short few days ago, the clouds hung low, seemingly ready to pour on us as soon as we left the house. The fog was just beginning to lift, and visibility was not great. Yes, it was another fine fall morning in the Pacific Northwest. We decided that driving far enough to escape the daily allotment of rain was out of the question, and our original hiking plans involved a narrow trail along a cliff wall, which didn’t seem like a great idea, so we cast about for something fun to explore nearby.

It turns out that when it’s raining, no one else wants to go to the zoo. You can skip along the pathways, ducking under the overhangs, sipping your hot beverage of choice, observing the animals from front-row seats.

Although some of the animals were inside and off-exhibit, most of them were outside. Some, like the lions, were especially frisky, while the African wild dogs and babirusas just curled up and slept the afternoon away. It was great fun to have the leisure to stay in front of only a few exhibits and really watch how the animals reacted to the changing weather.

And there is nothing more fun than attracting the attention of the mongooses because you childishly crawled through a tunnel and tried to stand up, only to hit your head with a resounding echo that causes them to run up and investigate.

Well, maybe not *all* of the zoo is fun.



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