Kauai Part 1


On our anniversary trip to Hawaii, we were able to coordinate a visit to Oahu with a trip to Kauai, one of the oldest islands in the state. Its age means that vegetation has had plenty of time to cover the lush island, lending it its name: The Garden Isle.

We picked up our rental car and headed south to Kōloa to our home base for the rest of the week. Because we rented a condo through VRBO, we were running a bit under our original budget and decided to go on a sightseeing flight around the island. Most of the island is impassible by car or foot, making it impossible to see without flying.

The company we ultimately decided to go with, Wings Over Kauai, has a stellar safety record and is run by a retired agronomist, so we figured the conversation might be interesting for the ride. Though the forecast called for rain throughout the week we were visiting, we were lucky to have only partial clouds during the one-hour flight.

Our condo was just off the rocky southern shoreline of Kauai and was central to most areas we wanted to visit. After our flight, we decided to grab some snorkeling equipment and head to Lydgate Beach, a protected swimming area where it is easy to see many of the common shallow water fish species in the area.

The snorkeling in the area was somewhat murky given that we were visiting after a tropical storm had hit the area. Despite our lack of ability to take good photos, it was still fun and well worth it- especially getting to see the look on the Other Half’s face when a large school of fish swarmed around him to feed in the sandy shallows. Even without getting into the water, many of the local area parks, including Spouting Horn, Lawa’i, Salt Pond Park, all have beautiful views and picnic areas that invite you to sit at them and just watch the winds blow.

We spent the following two days headed out to other areas to find more wildlife and get outside again. Despite the amount of time we spent walking around, we still spent a lot of time just relaxing- a very different vacation than what we normally plan.



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