My other half and I love to get out, enjoy nature, and explore new things. He is an engineering PhD busy teaching a new generation of aspiring engineers. I am a veterinary resident balancing practicing and learning my craft with a love of travel. We are two people looking for adventure across the United States, and one day, the world.


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  1. Hi Batscapades! I like your pictures and I like the fact that you subscribed to VirtuaVet. But mostly, I like the way you write admiringly about the creepy-crawlies on your blog.

    Good luck in vet school and graduate school. I solved the cabin fever by moving to a farm and majoring in production animal medicine so I could be outdoors. If you go into small animal work, you might end up working in a windowless building with the chemical smells of floor cleaner, hand sanitizer, and scented candles (attempting to cover up the lingering odor of stinky humans in the air). That’s probably the part I did not anticipate – dealing with feeling crappy because of poorly maintained, poorly designed buildings! (And living it 6-7 days a week for 12 years and counting…)

    The animals are awesome, however, so what kind of a whiner am I!

    Good LUck,
    -Doc Truli

    • Aw, thanks! I aspire to parasitology, so I really like the creepy-crawlies. Unfortunately, that means lots of microscopes and windowless rooms for now. I didn’t even think about the fact that being inside now is going to translate into more indoor time after I graduate. I am, however, thinking of working with large animals just so I can see the daylight!

      Also, thanks for posting your cases online. We’re just now touching on some of the diagnostics for common problems, so it puts a real-world perspective on studying, especially since you’re so organized and candid. 🙂

  2. Thanks for the tips! I started off being so frustrated with this whole thing, but finally managed to find a handful before I stumbled onto your site. Help is much appreciated! Good luck with your careers – hope there’s lots of fun adventure headed your way. Have you ever thought of becoming a real life birding guide? Not a big bundle of $$ but lots of travel and great birds, animals, places & people…

    • Hehe, thanks! We’re glad to help people out. We’re actually very passionate about our careers, so most of our time is devoted toward succeeding there right now. It’s a joy to us to make a difference for people, and we feel the best way to do that is behind the scenes (him by working on alternative energy to help the environment and me by helping animals and their relationships with people).

      Also, very nice name you have there!

      • Thanks, I’ve always enjoyed the name, not many of us around really.
        As to that darned Whooping Crane, he shows up all right but I never get the “Collect” box/click spot to actually get him. I’ve turned off pop-up blocker. Any hints?? Many thanks!!

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