It’s That Time Again…

Last week I shared a (very random) post about our hiking companions. By now, you’re probably disbelieving as to what good a dog could be on a wildlife expedition. After all, they scare all the wildlife off and bark, right?

Actually, it’s fall migration time at the local wetlands right now with the added bonus (read: unfortunate circumstance) that we’re in a drought, so there’s quite a bit of activity around the little lake.

IMG_5105 copy

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Exploring the Wetlands

Alright, as promised, I have actually gone through and found some (recognizable) pictures of things we’ve found at the new wetlands/lake (the two bodies of water are separated by a thin stretch of woods and brush). The main advantage of this new area is that it’s more natural and isolated than the big lake, which means that it’s got more fun things to see that haven’t been found yet by other people.

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