Puerto Rico Day 2: Humacao Nature Reserve

After a brief stint in a parking garage and a nice midnight drive down to the guesthouse we stayed at, we got up early the next morning to wander around the beach and up to the back entrance of the Reserva Natural de Humacao. And let’s be honest, walking through a quiet neighborhood to a private beach and down to a gorgeous park is pretty much right up our alley.

DSC_0093 (9) copy

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A Walk to Remember

On one of our study breaks, we returned to our old standby lake near our old apartments. As we walked around, we noticed we had forgotten our binoculars, so instead we used the zoom on the camera to figure out what we were looking at from afar.

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Mt. Auburn National Historic Cemetery

When I first got to Massachusetts, I knew I wanted to find all the green spots. I wound up living within walking distance of several, one of which was Mount Auburn Cemetery. It has a big reputation as a place to find warblers during spring migration, and it’s also a breeding spot for an endangered species of salamander. If that wasn’t enough to make me visit, the number of historic figures buried there definitely was. Out of respect for the families of the deceased, I’m not going to post pictures of their graves, though. You’ll just have to go see them for yourself.

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